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What is an L1 Blanket Visa?

An L1 visa is a special visa for those people who travel a lot on business. It is mainly aimed at multinational companies who have offices all over the world. The purpose of an L1 visa is to allow employees to travel freely within their country for work, without having to apply for a change of visa in another country.

An L1 visa does not automatically grant a person the right to travel. The employers need to present proof that they are in fact doing business with the intended visitor. It also covers visiting friends and relatives in the country where the business is based. Once the employer has fulfilled the requirements, they will get a visa, which will allow their employee to move freely within the country.

An L1 blanket visa gives you the chance to see the world. It is a special visa, which lets you go anywhere without having to worry about applying for another visa. You can also use it for any other travel like business and pleasure. You can also study abroad. You can also go on educational trips.

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